The Epidural That Was Meant To Be

When we first arrived at Hospital UMRA (the hospital where I am giving birth), I was scared.

Not from being in labour pain atau ketakutan nak melahirkan.

Tapi takut sebab dok pikir.. “macam mana nak tipu contractions ni, kang kantoi maluu je…”

Dek ketakutan yang maha dahsyat (saya seorang yang skema), I almost wanted to stay outside konon-konon nak tunggu contractions jadi 3 in 10 mins but Azam was taking none of my nonsense. He dragged me inside and went to the counter, feigning a husbandly-panic and cakap – nurse, isteri saya dah nak beranak ni…

while I try my best to make my most painful face. Contraction ni tak nak pulak datang time nih!

Anyway, we were told to sit down for a while to wait for the next doctor to be available while Azam sorted out the room bookings and stuff.

Boy, that took some time!

I have always known that UMRA’s always busy at night. Especially at night. I have once came for a check-up after work, and it took me 2 hours just to have a 10 mins session with my doctor.

So tonight, took me around 20 minutes before I was wheeled into the doctor’s room.

My heart was beating like gaya orang penipu punya berdebar – ye lah kau time contractions sendiri baru 2 in 10 dah nak mengaku active labour ye? Jaga la kau kantoi kejap lagi.

Doktor : Okay, dah nak bersalin ye Puan… saya VE sekejap ye..berapa banyak contraction dah?
Me : Erm.. Macam dah 3 in 10..
Doktor : Macam ye? Takpe kita check.. (She knew. OMG she knew……)
2 mins later..
Doktor : Masih 2 cm ni…

Me : Tapi dah sakit sangat ni Doktor.. saya taknak balik rumah dah…

Doktor : Ok lah, awak masuk wad malam ni..


This was me waktu ditolak keluar dari bilik doktor…bangga dengan kejayaan dapat masuk wad, hehe…

I am now officially in labour, people!

Dunno how I felt about that, sebab dah lama sangat tunggu. Dah dua hari!
Everything went very fast. Tiba-tiba je Azam dah dapat VIP room (alhamdulillah one was available at that time), I was wheeled into the ward, then belum sempat apa-apa, nurse dah tolak masuk bilik pemantauan to do some ECG scanning.
It was fascinating to see the pain chart spikes with every contraction (albeit painful la..).. we sure have come a long way in the medical world to assist mothers giving birth, especially first time mothers like me, hehe..
Nurse : Awak ni, dah nak bersalin ke?
Me : Err… no, I dont think so..Doktor cakap baru 2cm..
Nurse : Oh, hmm first ke?
Me : girl (volunteering information)
Nurse : Hmm lambat lagi lah ni, pagi esok baru bersalin ni..
Me : Takpe lah, asalkan saya kat sini..
Nurse : You sure you belum rasa nak bersalin? Ada rasa macam nak terberak tak?
Me: Err….tak sure la..
Nurse : Your pain spikes are pretty high for 2 cm..
Me : (Tau takpe nurse oi, gigi rasa nak tercabut dah ni)

Yeah, you go girl!

Habis ECG dengan happynya – I am seriously so happy to be admitted already – cannot wait to get my hands on some epidural..

It was 11:45 PM, Thursday.

I was back on my bed. Azam by my side, holding my hands and whispering Zikr and all in my ears everytime the contractions came. For some reason, I didnt really mind him being close and all now – perhaps the hospital environment is making me focus.

You see, in UMRA, there is the option to book your doctor.

When you book a doctor, you basically have your monthly / fortnightly / weekly checks with her, she would know all your history and your concerns etc and she will be the one delivering your baby.

The catch? You have to topup RM 300 as the booking fee – not so expensive, but still when you are expecting another human being to enter the household, you kinda want to save whatever that you can.

So I said.. nah, let’s not bother. 

Plus even if we don’t book a doctor, it will still be a female doctor on standby for normal deliveries.

But Azam… oh again that husband of mine who would go the extra lengths to make his wife comfortable was adamant that we booked a doctor, because according to him:

  1. You would not want tiba-tiba tengah sakit nak bersalin datang seorang doktor yang tak pernah dikenali, garang dan muka masam sebab penat dah deliver 10 orang patients lain. Kau pun takut nak teran, ya?
  2. A doctor who knows your history, your priorities and worries will be able to better support you emotionally. Physcially semua doktor boleh, but it takes some kind of pre-relationship with your doctor to be comfortable having her around in your most crucial and private moments.
  3. We need to know that the doctor is pro natural birth. Taknak ada doktor yang baru try push sekali and fail, terus nak caesar. Or nak guna vacuum. 
  4. He will belanja that RM300, its okay if Sime Darby does not cover the amount
  5. It’s his money, he can do whatever he wants with it.
  6. Dan 101 lagi alasan lain yang buatkan aku give up dan cakap OK OK OK BOOK LAH BOOK

So…..because we booked a doctor and I was admited at around 11:30am camtu, we have to wait for the doctor to come la, obviously.

11:55 PM

Doktor Yus : Assalamualaikummmm *Smiles
Phew, she’s here.
Me : Doktor, saya dah 2 cm. Nak epidural.
Doktor Yus : Haha.. semangat ni. Let me VE dulu and see if you need the epidural..
Me : (What do you mean if I need? I of course need!) 

But chicken la, takde lah menjawab. Cuma sengih dan angguk-angguk je la..

Honestly at that point, I only have my eyesight on the epidural.

During pregnancy, being the nerd that I am, I researched high and low on epidurals. The pros and cons, why people take it, what form of epidurals are available, which is the safest, etc..

You know, the kind of researched that leads you to wanting a natural birth as much as possible.

I found out that whilst generally it is safe to take the pain relief, there are isolated cases showing negative impacts on the mom and the baby.

And while so many people are against pain reliefs, a lot of young mothers have had a ‘pleasant’ birth experience with the aid of these pain reliefs.

It is all about making informed decisions, you see – do drop me an email / comment if you’d like to know more about the different pain reliefs and my personal thoughts on them.

But yes, my pre-contraction stand was against epidural or any sort of pain reliefs.

My daughter will see the world drug-free. Yeah..yeah..

After the two days of gruelling contraction pains and not having sleep, well, I now sided with mothers who had the epidural and still live a normal life today.

Epidural! Tak sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The second last VE

Doktor Yus : Haha
Me : Napa doktor?
Doktor Yus : *Ignores me* Nurse, prep the delivery room. Awak ni dah nak bersalin dah ni. Dah 8 cm.
Me in the shockest moment of my life : WHAT THE HECK??
Azam : Ish Yang ni ape pulak cakap camtu!

Terkejut badak mak noks!

Dah lah tak dapat epidural idaman, pastu dah nak bersalin dah pulak?????????

Apakah nasib badan…


So, this will be the second last instalments of my labour story – I do enjoy writing these here and I hope those reading may have laughed, cried and benefited from these series as well. Below are the few episodes that I’ve written on my delivery journey, if you’re keen:

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In the final episode (cewah) of this wonderful, wonderful experience of mine (albeit painful), saya akan ceritakan panjang lebar tentang:

  • Doktor lebih berminat nak berbual dengan suami – what I did to make sure the Doctor focus on me, and only me (hello, I yang terberanak sini, fokus sikit please?)
  • Teknik unik meneran / push yang diturunkan oleh Doktor Yus untuk pastikan kurang terkoyak
  • Pengalaman kena marah doktor, sebab marah husband..errr…
  • The first word I said when Doktor suruh push – and its reflection on our relationship with our mother.
  • How choosing Doctor helped increase your chances to give the first colostrum to your baby


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