My Labour Experience Part 4 : Dejavu

When the Doc sent us home and advised me to do activities to help expedite the labour, we were ambitious.

  • Taknak terus balik rumah, we go MidValley first and walk around
  • Then petang go swimming
  • Malam go Putrajaya and walk walk and more walking until can go labour


That was my Husband, by the way. Apparently the thought of ‘almost’ being a father is so exhausting already he went straight to sleep the minute kitorang sampai rumah, which is like, straight away after the hospital.

One of the Doc’s instruction, apart from do some activities to expedite cervix opening was to strictly count the timing of my contractions, and should it become 3 in 10 ( 3 contractions in 10 minutes), I was to head straight back to the hospital because chances are, I’m in active labour already.

For those of you who might not know what contractions are, they basically look like this.
and this
This is how I look like I think, when the pain got stronger
My pain was OK throughout the afternoon. The frequency of the peaks are still quite spaced apart (more time to chill than be in pain), the peaks are not sustained for long (sakit tak lama, masih boleh berjalan dan bergelak ketawa) and the peaks are not that peak-y yet (maksudnya, tak sakit sangat la ya)
Can still comfortably bounced on the exercise ball and watched Prison Break.

But come night time, peaks and frequency dah semakin over so no, no sleep for me the whole night. The first hour of not sleeping, everytime sakit memang gerak Azam untuk….entah, teman sakit sama-sama? Dia sakit hati kot asyik kena kacau tidur ade lah..

Beyond the first hours, dah tak kejut sangat sebab macam no use je, I can time my own contractions pun..

Oh lupa nak cakap. When we got back home, Azam buat table atas a piece of paper untuk track my contractions. Siap ada column for starting time, end time, and duration so we can track la dalam 10 minit tu ada berapa contractions dah and berapa lama.
So keen to be involved, that guy. And such wonderful idea, kan? Was suggested by WikiHow tau…

Yang tak berapa nak bestnya sebab siang tu kan tak berapa sakit, so masih aktif bergerak ke sana sini, and when the contraction came tergagau-gagau cari kertas tadi dengan pen. Menjelang jumpa, baru nak tulis, contraction dah habis, lupa nak tengok jam, lupa dah nak time berapa lama, lupa segala-galanya lah!

So apparently, wonderful but not so efficient la.

He immediately went on the net again to look for better ways to track, and found this.

Contraction timer! 
Terima kasih kepada developer app ini dan apps yang sama waktu dengannya, anda telah berkhidmat kepada masyarakat!

So this contraction timer helps to automatically time your contraction start time, end time, and duration so you can closely monitor and ensure whether or not to its time to go to hospital! Very very useful.

This is my bestfriend until the baby is born, serious. Go eat also bring, go toilet pun tak tinggal, sleep pun this apps is on standby sebab hey, MANA ADA BOLEH TIDUR BILA DAH START CONTRACTION? Jangan bermimpi ok.
So if you ask me what one thing you should take away from this sharing in this part PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS APPS! And ditch wikihow. Masih offer manual suggestion in this e-world, sheesh.

So anyway, throughout the night I slept with my phone, and every waking moment will be me tapping ‘START’ and when the pain subsides – ‘END’. Wild night, huh?

I must be ready esok la kot ni rasenye nak deliver ni,it has been like what, more than 24 hours since 12am last night? Esok kalau pergi hospital at 8am, it will be 32 hours dah la..

I am ‘above’ average, apparently…special…
So the next day, please read PART 2 because that is what happened, but this time less excitement from my parents sebab like…semalam cakap nak deliver tak deliver-deliver pun?..haha..
Dragged my pregnant self to the hospital, with hope. Azam was up with a renewed energy – its a new day full of promise!

Is it?

Eh mengada, tolong jangan tipu contraction boleh tak? Balik dulu!

I think that was what my Doctor wanted to say when she saw me again in her room, haha! 

Masa register dekat kaunter, nurse tanya dah bukak berapa, instead of telling the truth (2 in 10, that time), I said almost 3 in 10 already heheh… orang nak menipu tak berilmu memang cenggini, akan kantoi dengan tak bermaruah sangat lah cos the CTG can tell, and during VE (yes another VE!), bukaan sesuai dengan contraction nya lah.

I was only 2 cm dilated then.

Freaking 36 hours of pain and only 2 cm dilated.

If I follow the Rule of Proportionality in Maths (and Maths never lie, bak kata Charlie Epps in Numbers, a series I used to fondly follow), it will take me another 36 times 5 = 180 hours = 7.5 days before servix is 10cm dilated!

Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *cry*

So if we follow this tangent, and this x, and that y, then take the dy/dx, yeah, you gotta chill till 648000 seconds later k, take it easy mama!

So macam mana ni Doktor?

Balik dulu lah, keep on timing your contractions and once dah sampai 3 in 10, you can come back. Or if you suddenly pecah air ketuban ke, come back straight here.


Dragged my pregnant self and my delivery bag home. Dejavu? You tell me.

…To be continued…

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