My Labour Experience Part 3 : You Can Suffer at Home?

The hospital, that morning, was not too crowded. Probably because Hubs & I were amongst the first to arrive, at around 8:30 am.

Told the nurse at the reception counter about my apparently ‘mini’ contraction – and was a bit puzzled by the calmness in acknowledging.

Okay Puan…Puan duduk dulu, nanti nurse panggil buat test berat air kencing dan CTG ya…

Ah okay…I’ll just chill la okay? My contraction ni cam… I’ll just chill, ya?

But they don’t seem to care about my ‘I’m in labour!!!’ face so off I dragged my pregnant self to the bangku before being called for the CTG 5 minutes later.

So basically, in my checkup today three (3) things happened:

  1. CTG – where I lay down for almost 1.5 hours because despite the contractions, baby slept quite comfortably inside
  2. Vaginal Examination (VE) – where Doc will check how dilated I am down there – basically 10cm dilated means I’m ready to push
  3. Delivery!
Or maybe just two. 
1. CTG
The machine will display a contraction graph –
though the one was strapped to
was electronic – graph was shown on
the screen instead of printed like in the photo
Stands for Cardiotocography, and no, I did not know it then – googled it 2 mins ago to share with you guys. Its where wires connected to a small machine will be strapped on your pregnant belly and machine will detect baby’s heartbeat to see whether its normal or not.
Same wires will also be strapped during labour, to see the intensity of contraction and Doc will give you the cue to push when contraction is at its peak.

But I look like this la ha during my CTG – all chilling and happy to give birth cos I though that my ‘mini’ contraction is all a contraction has to offer.
Oh boy.
2. Vaginal Examination or commonly known as VE
Doctor will perform a VE per the picture above to ensure the servix is dilated enough for the delivery to happen. Pressure from the baby together with the contraction (pushing the baby through the birth canal) will cause the servix to open..
This is the part that I am most scared of.
I had my first VE when I had bleeding issues earlier in the pregnancy. It was at SDMC, and alamak dia tak consider langsung its my first time kot! The Doc was all frustrated when I kept moving and tensing my muscle so my first VE experience was not so pleasant. Trauma sikit la.
So this time, belum masuk bilik doktor dah cuak. Berkongsi ke-cuak-kan dengan Husband yang hanya tersengih-sengih – encouragement much? 
Baring atas katil and dengar Doc cakap kat nurse – OK prepare for VE – kelenjar peluh ketiak mula aktif.
Doktor pasang sarung tangan, ok kelenjar peluh bocor.
Doktor, sakit tak? (padahal tahu memang sakit)
Eh takpa, saya ajar macam mana. Nanti nak beranak lagi banyak kali kena VE, kena praktis lah kang beranak koyak teruk…
This time……… OK still not an expert (OMG how to give birth like this????), but better mostly because the Doctor was patient in giving guidance and encouragement and even afterwards when I asked how I did, she was all kind to say – Tak apalah baru pertama kali, nanti next time oklah dah practice..
Inilah doktor yang kita mahukan. Hidup Doktor Yus!
Note : Sorry no photo of me during VE – to busy being scared…..

3. Delivery time…kan?
You’re only dilated 1 cm.
I know it’s normal for the servix to take some time to dilate for first born, but contraction was already there since 12am so now that its almost 9 / 10-ish am, surely its more than just 1 cm opened, yeah?
Ye ke Doktor?

Yeap – so no point to admit you now because later lama-lama dalam wad boleh stress pulak….I would advise you to go home & exercise sikit-sikit, banyakkan berjalan to expedite the openings.




Bring back my delivery bag and my pregnant self home like a champion and went through the door to my Mum’s surprised face – EH TAK JADI BERANAK?

…To be continued…

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