8 Life Lessons

Hari ini adalah hari memotivasikan diri.

Salah satu bahan bacaan kegemaran saya adalah bahan bacaan berunsurkan motivasi. Saya perasan, jika lama tak refleksi diri, jiwa terasa macam kacau semacam lepas tu mula lah nak meroyan. Sebab tu agaknya disarankan baca Al-Quran dengan kerap, kalau boleh setiap hari, sebab walaupun tak faham apa yang dibaca, bunyi ayat-ayat Al-Quran tu sendiri mempunyai kesan motivasi dan menenangkan untuk hati. Mukjizat namanya.


Was up at 3 am today to pump milk and cut Iman Nasuha’s tiny finger nail yang dah panjang dan tajam – she is now at the stage yang suka nak explore-explore muka orang with her hands – so to make sure she does not scratch my face (MY face, not hers hehe), I gotta make sure the nails are trimmed nicely.


Sambil pam, had some quiet time to myself – the best part about pumping at wee hours is the stillness of the air, with the occasional sleepy sigh of my daughter…so so calming. And I got to thinking about love and life (cewah), which are the two topics I’m most interested in..

So today, I sorta come up with the following list, which I wish to share with you. Enjoy!

8 Life Lessons

Lesson #1
Positivity does not come naturally. You gotta train yourself to be positive. Convince yourself that you are a positive person by saying positive things and doing positive actions. You may feel like a fake at times, but do it anyway. Fake positivity is always better than outright genuine negativity!

Lesson #2
Your tiny heart, has an infinite capacity to grow. Take care of it so it only grows towards love and goodness.

Lesson #3
We see the world through our lenses. Most of the time, if we cant seem to comprehend our surroundings, try cleaning our lenses first.

Lesson #4
Why motherhood is so rewarding – [pondering for over 20 minutes and…] why not?!

Lesson #5
Worrying happens, everyone knows that. Just don’t let it happen all the time and always.

Lesson #6
Give people the benefit of the doubt. They might just surprise you.

Lesson #7
Judge, but keep an open mind. The principal is easy – I always judge, but I also allow you to prove me wrong.

Lesson #8
The spilled water is easily cleaned, but a bruised heart is not so easy to mend. Speak kind words.

The end…!

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