Part 2: Emotional Guys in My Life Lah!

The next morning, after Fajr I told Hubs that I was in pain lah..

Bunyi macam sakit gila lah pulak when I wrote it that way, but honestly at the time the pain was not so strong (yet) so I was kind of excitednya baby dah nak datang!

So was Azam.

Oh boy he was so semangat – orang dah nak jadi bapak la katakan… He was the one busy checking that all my necessities dah properly packed in the bag, ticking off items from our checklist and everything while I, like the pregnany lady that I am, kick back and be in pain (which is STILL not in full force, tapi hey, I’m in labour, kan?)

In this part of my labour experience, I would like to share my parent’s reaction once they learnt I’m in labour.

My Ayah has a routine of performing his Fajr at the nearby Surau, and that morning was no difference. Ayah pergi sembahyang Subuh kat surau, so when we went up to let my Mum know that she would be a grandmother soon, Ayah was not around.

Mum was alright, and she ordered me to go have my breakfast first because “you’re gonna need the energy” – so I obliged. Went down to the kitchen to eat roti + milo and not forgetting my usual morning supplements & ESP.

By that time, Ayah was home.

Azam was quick to see Ayah and blurted out – Ayah Kak Lia dah sakit nak bersalin!

Hah? Dah sakit dah?

*Stares at me for confirmation*


Umi dah tahu dah? Kejap Ayah panggil Umi…

So we resume eating breakfast, when finally Umi & Ayah came down and join us. Breakfast like the usual and then, it was finally time to go to the hospital already, milo pun dah habis.

There was something calming about knowing that your parents’ dua is a powerful weapon, so it’s actually quite normal for us siblings to ask Umi especially, to doakan us for anything and everything.

Mam, petang ni nak exam, jangan lupa doa. Zikit setiap jam.

Mam, doakan dapat bonus banyak

Kakak nak naik pangkat – Omam tolong doakan..

And such and such.

So that morning….

Mam…doakan kakak selamat bersalin ya..

Then on to my Dad.
Baru nak salam, nampak my Dad’s eyes turned red…

Okeh selamat bersalin…Ayah doakan semoga mudah nak bersalin..Nanti dah bersalin bagi tahu lah tau..

Err okay. Dari no feeling terus rasa cuak – why the tears alamak alamak

Mum was laughing awayy – Alah tu pun nak nangis ke? Pergi bersalin je pun…bukan nak pergi berperang!

Berjuang la ni, nak pergi berjihad! Came the reply from Ayah, who was busy wiping away tears sebab mungkin baru perasan dah kurang macho lah kut…

Berjihad yo!

I gotta put on my warrior face now!

My warrior face, at least in my mind I look all dangerous and ready like this..

Later in the car – dunno why but the situation was quite intense – I was looking out, thinking that the next time I drive through this route, I’ll have a baby with me. Hubs..well I dunno what was on his mind until…


Kenapa ni Bang?

Abang sedih ni Yang nak pergi berjihad… – came the reply from my husband, eyes red with emo face and all..

I probably actually look like this…with tudung on

Haiya, whats up with the guys today? Its just labour, okay?

Little did I know…

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