My Labour Experience Part 1 : The 5 Natural Ways to Help Induce Labour

It was 12:00 am when the first contraction hits.
Only Allah knows how much of a relief that pain was. 

My pregnancy was not so smooth. 18 weeks into the pregnancy, I had a severe bleeding which put me on a bedrest for over 2 weeks. Then, 8 months into, the bleeding started again on and off, together with severe pain around my abdominal area. I took an early maternity leave because the doctor mentioned there is a possibility of a miscarriage with the constant bleeding.

Alhamdulillah aside from that, I didnt have much of backpains or cramps. Just once or twice, but thats all about it. I’ve heard stories of pregnant mothers having to wake up multiple times at night from leg cramps – I’ve only had night cramps once, tu pun because I was skipping my Ostematrix suplements 3 days in a row, and tak minum susu langsung.

I also did not have any severe morning sickness phew..*flashing back to the joyous times of eating non-stop and not feeling guilty*

What I did have was bloated feet from walking around too much to get the baby engaged as soon as possible so she could come out and see the world healthy.

Amongst the things I did to induce labour (please note these are only from experience as well as from readings, I am not saying that these will work, but my baby did come out 1 week earlier..)

a) Bouncing on the exercise ball.

Yeah you see it right. While I bounced,
Hubs will show his snoring in front
of me. 

Yeah, my mom had the spiky exercise ball and I sneaked it in to my room and started bouncing. While watching movies pun bounce, reading books pun bounce, I even watched youtube videos on how to correctly bounce. See how to use the bouncing ball to induce labour.

Bouncing on the ball can also help alleviate some of the contraction pains, so I told my Husband that we’re bringing the ball to the hospital…Hehe…Watched youtube on how your partner can help ease the pain as well…

Kalau tak bounce sehari, rasa bersalah sangat as if I’m risking my baby’s life so sometimes, when my husband was fast asleep at night, I woke up and bounce for 10 minutes, and went back to sleep. Paranoid much?

No lah, just giving the little girl that extra push to come out, come on!

b) Swimming lapsssss

Coach berenang, sambil berenang sambil
pakai spek?!

Tahu tak yang berenang can help strengthen your muscle for labour? It is very very recommended (by both my media research as well as my gynae) because as you get heavier and heavier, your tendons and joints will soften to prepare for the baby’s arrival. So senaman yang high impact macam lompat tinggi, lontar peluru, pecut 100m tak berapa nak digalakkan kerana bimbang senaman macam tu boleh menyebabkan kecederaan.

Swimming on the other hand, is very much softer to the weakened tendons sebab you’re in water and basically you’re exercising by working against the resistance caused by the water.

My husband, who was not so fond of swimming bought me to the pool once every 2 days, where we swam laps and raced each other.

Another things I did was practicing my breathing technique dengan membuat pertandingan Siapa Menyelam Paling Lama, which of course, I lost everytime sheesh. Way to motivate your partner, bang oi!

c) Nipple stimulation, as embarrasing as it sounds

In my 38th week, we asked our Gynae – How can we help to expedite the labour?

She said  “Do nipple stimulation”, and we went…WHA?!

Stimulating your nipple can release oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. You may do this for a few minutes to help the release, and it does not have to be direct – can also stimulate over your shirt or bra. It might be embarrassing for some (even as typing I am constantly questioning whether I should write this point or not) but it is one of the effective natural way to help induce.

And when you really want the baby out soonest, you’ll do whatever it takes la kan?

Baby suckling also releases oxytocin, the happy hormone that keeps the milk flowing while breastfeeding

d) Understand pressure points to induce labour

To naturally induce labour, it was also said that acupressure might help. It helps encourage cervical dilation (bukak cepat sikit lah in Malay) as well as promote contractions, which help the bukaan to become bigger. From what I read, you can do it on the hand (Hegu Method) and on your ankle / feet (san-yin-jiao)..Must be originating from Chinese la kot, looking at the names…

Anyway, cos my Husband was against inducing this massage things (even stimulating the nipple – one way to induce labour – pun he didn’t want to do aiyah) so I did the accupressure massage myself. Hah.

The Hegu method, where your pressure point is between the index finger and the thumb

For Hegu method, you basically pinch the webbing in between your index finger and your thumb, then massage your fingers for about 60 seconds and repeat as you please until the contraction starts.

For San-yin-jiao, its a bit harder to explain because there are a few steps involved locating the pressure points. You may refer to WikiHow (they have quite clear pictures showing you how to do it also, if you’re lost amongst the words) as well as Baby Centre!

So counting on to the fact that Hubs DOES NOT know about this accupressure thingy, I did it openly and everytime he asked Eh kenapa asyik gosok tangan je? I will jawab – Gatallllll


e) Shop la (Read : Walk around a lot)

We went Baby Expo, walked at Taman Tasik Shah Alam, walk and walk and walk, trying to get gravity do her magic.

At MidValley Baby Expo

Borong cheap books @ BigBadWolf

Shopping @ Giant

Beli barang kat Giant lagi…well, my aspiration is to be Duta Giant one day so must show my loyalty

Catch up session with Melbourne friends @ MidValley

Ahh the frequent walks at Putrajaya…ni kalau tak mengandung ni, takde mase aku nak berjalan kat sini sesaje..

And at the end of every day – suami pengsan tapi isteri kena BOUNCE ON THE BOUNCING BALL DULU?

And so…

It was 12:00 am when the first contraction hits.
Only Allah knows how much of a relief that pain was. be continued…

**Do note that from my readings, all these natural ways to induce labour will only work if your cervix is already effaced and your body is ready for labour.

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